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The Council

The First matter of importance in church government is that all people who are entrusted with tasks and services are simply God’s instruments, servants of Christ, organs of the Holy Spirit
(1Cor 4:1, 12:4-6)

Mission of the Council:

The mission of our church council is to be the voice of the members of the congregation and act according to the will of God ensuring a peaceful and thriving church community.

Role of the Council:

To be Honest; Loyal; Caring; Diligent; Understanding; Ready to Serve

Council Members:

Ravi Pillai (Chair)

Roger Brassard

Edmond Bohoussou

Andrews Buadoo

Kathleen Hewitt

Avril Brathwaite

Pat Ritchie

Lee Wang (Sunday School)

Heather Ranelluci

Yves-Lynn Cadet

Ed Carruthers (Pastor)