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Welcome to the History of First Baptist Church, Montreal

“The Covenant of 1831 to The Continuity of 1981”

First Baptist Church, Montreal was established in 1831. Rich in history, it has traveled through time always with one purpose…Serving our Lord Jesus Christ.
Headed by our  Pastor, Rev. Ed Carruthers everyone is welcome. Services begin on Sundays at 10:00am

For thousands of years, people have associated
the Glory of God with special places and buildings.
And rightfully so . Moses entered into
that glory on Mount Sinai, Isaiah saw the God
of Glory in the Temple at Jerusalem. Three of
Jesus’ disciples saw the glory in our Lord’s
Face on the Mount of Transfiguration.

But for many years, some people have experienced
the Glory of God in a very different context.
Isaiah pleased for an Order of Service accentuating justice,
freedom, sharing, and hospitality (Isaiah 58).
The disciples marvelled at the majesty of God at the foot of
Transfiguration Mountain, where Jesus healed a helpless,
epileptic boy (Luke 9).

These two complementary themes – Worship and Service – have always been equal passions of the people of God.

For one hundred and eighty five years,
members of First Baptist Church, Montreal have been challenged
through the worship offered in a number of beautiful edifices,
of the same name, to reach out to the spiritual and physical needs
of people outside those walls. In both activities, worship and service,
the Glory of the Lord has been revealed, and will continue to be.

Rev. John MacPhail .

Please take the time to read into the wonderful journey that is OUR church as GOD has taken it through time (available soon).  God had plans for our church right from the start.  Know that you are now a part of its history as well.  Perhaps, someday, new members will read about us and how we were once the face of First Baptist Church, Montreal.