About Us Pastors of the Past @ FBC

Pastors of the Past @ FBC

From 1831-1925, the Lord has blessed this church with the following leaders:

1829-30: Mr. Debham

1831-35: Rev. John Gilmour

1835-36: Rev. Newton Bosworth

1836-37: Rev. Mr. Rice

1837: Rev. John Hatch Waldon (5 months)

1839-1840: Rev. Beniah Hoe

1841-1850: Rev. John Girdwood

1850-1852: Rev. Thomas Spalding

1852: Rev. Phancellers Church (1 year)

1853-55: Rev. James Lillie

1856-59: Rev. J.N. Williams

1859-63: Rev. John Goadby, D.D.

A journey through time,  please take a moment to read a small autobiography of the Pastors who once served here at First Baptist Church of Montreal

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