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NDG Food Depot

Who We Are

The NDG Food Depot strives to eliminate hunger by working with our community in a manner that ensures dignity, community engagement and the development of human potential. We have been serving NDG and the surrounding Montreal boroughs since 1986 and have been an independent charitable organization since 2003. We see food as a powerful vehicle that can bring people together to forge innovative solutions to societal inequalities.

Our Philosophy

We wish to facilitate a shift from “food bank user” to “engaged and valued citizen”. We aim to create an environment that provides meaningful opportunities for engagement and personal transformation. Our aim is to create a balance between direct emergency service and programs that promote self-help and community building. The key difference between the NDG Food Depot and regular food banks is our approach to the issues of food security. We are aware that food banks do little to address the underlying issues that lead to hunger, poverty and social isolation. We also appreciate that without access to healthy food, people will not have the energy to participate in initiatives that address these fundamental questions.

Excerpt from NDG Food Dept (http://www.amdomino.com/depotndg/enmain.html)